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Judy and I are very proud of our birds, especially the outstanding race results they have achieved for us AND for our customers. Each and every year for many, many years, we have been at the top, or near the top of the Awards in our Combine (go to the "EMPIRE RESULTS" page). Our customers have also risen to the top of their competition with our breeding stock, the real test of the quality of our pigeons. They win for us, they win for our customers and they win in One Loft Races. We carry three families of birds (JANSSEN, VAN LOON and LONG DISTANCE), we race these families pure and crossed. Our selection criteria is super natural health, vigor and racing / breeding performance. Here are a few photos of this years stars:





It is our pleasure to be associated with a great family partnership racing exclusively with the world famous JANSSEN BROS pigeons, they are THEO & RAYMOND RUTTEN, one of the very best small team flyers scoring at the top of the National races.

Theo & Raymond RUTTEN


Article by Jim McInnes

The famous Janssen pigeons of Arendonk have made a tremendous impact in our pigeon world over the last seventy or more years. They have achieved unparalleled success and have contributed, more than any other family, to the production of our modern racing pigeon. Their qualities; intelligence, speed and beauty, are sought after by all competitive racing fanciers. The creators of the magnificent Janssen pigeons are all gone but one, Louie Janssen, now in his 90’s, who still resides at 6 Schoolstraat. There are many fanciers that became champions, famous throughout the world because of their wonderful Janssen pigeons, but alas, many of them are no longer with us. Names like Van Limpt (DeKlak), Verhoeven, Koopman, Hermes, Schlepphorst, Schaerlaeckens, Eijerkamp, Camphuis, Dr Linssen, Van Boxtel, Vanhee, Van der Flaes, Hartogs, De Bruyn, Wouters, Ouwerkerk, De Scheemaecker, Planet Bros, Smeulders etc all persevered the glory of the Janssen pigeon. Unfortunately with the passage of time we find it more and more difficult to find fanciers that continue to carry the torch passed to them by the greats of the past. Fanciers who have continued the Janssen legacy of intelligence, speed and beauty are Theo and Raymond Rutten of Groesbeek, The Netherlands. This is their story.

Father Theo, age 68, started his interest in pigeon at the age of seven and raced along with his uncle. He later began racing independently and at the age of thirteen became General Champion of his 65 member club, P.V. De Reisduif. Theo now is responsible for the old bird racing and is affectionately called "Mister first prize winner" or "Theo, the Dutch Louie Janssen".

Son Raymond, age 33, works as a legal advisor for the government in The Netherlands. Raymond, along with his mother, Tilly, race the youngsters with great success. The combination of father, mother and son race under the name, Comb. TH. RUTTEN & SON and have been the Champions of their club 43 times, racing 100 km to 1100 km.

Breeding stock

Theo Rutten first visited the Janssen Bros in 1958, purchased a few youngsters and then continued to visit Arendonk on a yearly bases to purchase youngsters from the Janssen Brothers. Theo also purchased birds from Jules Wouters but only birds from the best of the Arendonk Janssens. In later years Raymond purchased old breeding couples from Henri van Venrooij of Deurne but only birds that were purchased directly from the Janssen Bros. Th. Rutten & Son have the very best of the old and the new Janssen lines. The following birds are now in the Rutten breeding loft:

Children from the PRINS (B82-6729585)

Children from the RAKET (B79-6264440, Jonge Raketman x Goedl

Children from the Super Pair, LOUIS x IRMA

G.Children from the 019 (B73-6736019)

G.Children from the OUDE GEELOGER (B67-62282027)

G.Children from the OUDE MERCKX (B67-6282031)

G.Child from the OUDE VOS (B73-6780622)

G.Children from the DAUGHTER 019

G.Children from the DAUGHTER WITOGER

Racing achievements:

Top national scores in the last few years with all 100% Janssen Arendonk offspring:

                 1ST National Chantilly (378 km) against 23,193 pigeons.

                 1ST National Orleans (517 km) against 17,000 pigeons.

                 1ST National Montiucon (651 km) against 7,789 pigeons.

                 1ST NPO National St Quentin (280 km) against 6,611 pigeons.

                 1ST NPO National Afd. 8 St Vincent (1056 km) against 2,424 pigeons.

                 2ND National Pont St. Maxence (365 km) against 23,469 pigeons.

                 7TH NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 12,718 pigeons.

                 8TH National Chantilly (378 km) against 15,000 pigeons.

                 9TH NPO National Peronne (293 km) against 33,043 pigeons.

                10TH NPO National Offenburg (400 km) against 3,514 pigeons.

During the 2006 & 2007 racing season a total of 20 pure 1ST prizes were won against an average of 1679 pigeons.The only Championships that Theo and Raymond compete for is the "One day long distance". During 2007 in this Championship they won:

                        1ST One day long distance Champion Vereniging de Reisduif (65 members).

                        2ND One day long distance Champion Regio 4, Kring 4 (1250 members).

                        7TH One day long distance Champion GOU, Regio 4 (2500 members).

Stars of 2007:

"MISS TILLY" (NL07-1515635) wins 1ST NATIONAL CHANTILLY (378 km) against 23,193 birds with a speed of 1209.558 mpm.

Sire of "MISS TILLY" is "DE SUPER GEELOGER". He is, on his paternal side, descending from a son of "DE JONGE GEELOGER" (son of "OUDE GEELOGER") x "DOCHTER BOURGES DUIVIN" and on his maternal side from "DE GOEDE KWEEKDUIVIN", daughter from "DE GEELOGER of 67" x "DAUGHTER 019".

Dam of ‘MISS TILLY" is "DE LAATSTE TOPPER 384", whose father is "DE SUPER GEELOGER" x "KLEINDOCHTER 019"(in the descent of 019 we find the names of "DE LOUIS", "IRMA", BONTE MERCKX", "BANGE 67"). "MISS TILLY" is the product of inbreeding from the top Janssen lines.

"RISING STAR" (NL05-1072072) during 2007 race season won 25 prizes including 1 x 1ST, 2 x 2ND, 3 x 3RD, 4TH, 6TH, 2x 9TH, 10TH, 11TH, 13TH, 15TH, 16TH, 18TH, 19TH, etc.

"MISS TURBO" (NL04-1720435) during 2007 race season won 21 prizes including 3 x 1ST, 2ND, 2 x 4TH, 5TH, 7TH, 3 x 11TH, 14TH, 15TH, 2 x 17TH, etc.

The Lofts:

Th. Rutten & Son have a 10.5 meter loft divided into three compartments for the widowers and one compartment for the hens. Also they have a 9 meter loft for the breeders and youngsters. The lofts face southeast.


The Breeding system:

Theo and Raymond have 15 breeding pairs. The top breeding cock is the "JONGE GEELOGER" (NL97-1098716). Many years ago Theo got a breeding system from HECTOR DE SMET. In this system you start with perhaps three top breeding pair. You take brother and sister from one pair and mate them together (full brother and sister pairing). You then take the off spring of this brother x sister pairing and pair them to the other two old foundation breeding pairs. You repeat this system with each of the key foundation couples. Breeding pairs are mated December 20th.


Old bird racing:

The racing team consists of 27 pair. They are mated on February 2nd. The cocks and hens are both flown on the widowhood system. The cocks and hens are loft flown separately for about 1 ½ hours per day. The widowers get a mid week toss of 55 km. The hens are always shown for about 5 minutes before shipping. After the race the hen and cock stay together for about one hour but from the longer races they stay together until the evening.


Young bird racing:

The young birds will be road trained about 10 times before the first race. The last toss before the first race will be a single toss of about 55 km. After the third race the youngsters will race on the widowhood system. The youngsters get a mid week toss of 55 km throughout the race season.


Feeding system:

Upon return from the race the birds get a depurative mixture until Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday the birds get a racing mixture and the last few feedings before shipping the birds get a Turbo mix along with some candy seed.


Selection process:

Theo and Raymond only keep a small team of racers and breeders so there is only room for the very best. Most important is performance, race birds must score prizes in at least 60% of the races they are entered and there must be a few prizes in the top 10% of the total birds shipped. Like most of us they like a beautiful eye but they do not use the eye theory for selection purposes.



One month before the first race the birds are given Baytril for five days. Fourteen days later they are given Bisonforme mixed with their grain. Just before the racing season begins the birds are given Rinadozole 10%. During the racing season the birds get Rinadozole 10% in their drinking water for 1 ½ days every three weeks. Upon return from the race birds will find electrolytes in the drinking water. Also the birds will be provided with Colombine Tea from time to time.



It is my pleasure to introduce Th. Rutten & Son and their outstanding family of Janssens to the fanciers of North America. Although Theo and Raymond may not be well known to us here in North America, their birds have already made their presents known in The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, China, Taiwan and Japan, the new home of "Miss Tilly".It is very refreshing to find a small family operation, with a small team of birds, reaching the very top of our pigeon game. They achieve this because of their skill, hard work, and quality pigeons…intelligence, speed and beauty.If anyone would like more information about Theo & Raymond Rutten and their pigeons please contact Jim McInnes by telephone (613 475 6052) or by email: jimmcinnes@xplornet.com






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