EMPIRE FARM (Jim McInnes) We are very proud of the quality and accomplishments of our birds. Our racing results this year are typical of the results we have achieved with our birds for many, many years. This year our birds won ALL Average Speed and Champion Loft Awards in Old Birds and Young Birds in the COMBINE. We love Old Bird racing and this year we had some notable accomplishments at the three longest races, the first 500 (775 km) there were no day birds and only 13 birds in race time, in the COMBINE, we scored 1ST and 4TH COMBINE. The second 500 (775 km) there were only 10 day birds in the COMBINE, we scored 5TH COMBINE with a yearling cock. The 600 (923 km) put the "icing on the cake" for our Old Bird race season, we clocked the ONLY DAY BIRD in the COMBINE. Worth noting is that 75% of the COMBINE fly shorter than us. A fantastic racing season when you consider that we have very limited amount of time to spend with our own birds because of the huge commitment of managing the Empire Classic One Loft. Our birds consist of the BEST lines of JANSSEN, VAN LOON and LONG DISTANCE. If you want birds that will produce winners like ours give us a call or email.

Many fanciers are interested in ONE LOFT racing, our birds have made their mark in this area. Last year we scored 1ST CALGARY PACIFIC 420 MILE race across the ROCKY MOUNTAINS, we had the ONLY BIRD HOME in 2 DAYS. We scored 3RD & 9TH in the UPPER NY STATE CLASSIC and also 11TH & 14TH in the CANUCK CLASSIC (only 16 birds home in 2 days). This year we scored 1ST (equal) in the final race of the CANADA WESTERN CHALLENGE. More importantly to you is that our customers have had super success with our off spring, especially in ONE LOFT RACING. This year IRON SHIRT LOFT (Dennis Lee) won 1ST EMPIRE MARATHON 420 MILE, BOTH PARENTS of his winner were purchased from us. Also this year PARADISE LOFT (Glen Lyon) won 1ST EMPIRE TRIPLE CROWN ACE PIGEON, the sire of his winner was a THEO RUTTEN import purchased from us. Our birds have also been responsible for past Empire Classic 350 and Empire Marathon 420 winners. If you want to WIN MONEY like us and our customers in One Loft Racing TRY OUR BIRDS, you will be amazed.

THEO & RAYMOND RUTTEN Arendonk Janssens. We are pleased to represent one the the best "small lofts" in Holland. We believe there are no better direct 100% ARENDONK JANSSENS anywhere in the world. THEO and RAYMOND RUTTEN have a FANTASTIC inbred family of pure ARENDONK JANSSENS and they race these pure JANSSENS to great success with many top NATIONAL PRIZES. They have even won 1ST NATIONAL ST VINCENT (1056 km) with one of their pure JANSSEN racers. For info: JIM MCINNES email: jimmcinnes@xplornet.com


 RUTTEN imports FOR SALE: for PRICE LIST please EMAIL: jimmcinnes@xplornet.com

                                                                      Note: We also have youngsters "For Sale" from the birds shown below.