EMPIRE FARM BREEDING STOCK

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        JANSSEN (OLD LINES): Our Janssens are down from BERT CAMPHUIS (Holland). They were

                  purchased directly from BERT CAMPHUIS or through HANS EIJERKAMP. BERT CAMPHUIS

                  bred and raced the following Champions: FAMOUS 05 (1ST ACE of HOLLAND), JAMES BOND

                  (1ST ACE of HOLLAND), WONDERBOY 05 (2ND ACE of HOLLAND), WONDERBOY 06 (4TH

                   ACE of HOLLAND). The Bert Camphuis Janssens go back to Smeulders SUPER 531, VERBART

                   46 and VOS DE BIJTER (Sire of RODE APPIE).




                  RUTTEN JANSSENS: Our Rutten Janssens were purchased directly from THEO RUTTEN &

                  SONS. The RUTTENS only purchased direct JANSSEN BROS bred pigeons and kept them pure.

                  The RUTTEN JANSSENS carry all the famous JANSSEN BROS Champions such as MERCKX,

                   RAKET, GEELOGER, STIER, 019, DE PRINS, etc.



                   ROGER VEREECKE: Our ROGER VEREECKE birds were purchased directly from Roger, they

                   are a family based on the old CATTRYSSE / STICHBELBAUT familes. Roger established a

                   fantastic family of birds that excelled at the One Day Long Distance races. Roger's four key

                   foundation birds were: FIGARO (Cattrysse), "90" (Cattrysse), ROSTEN TANGHE and

                   IJZEREN (Stichbelbaut). 




                    ONE LOFT RACING CHAMPIONS: These birds have excelled at ONE LOFT RACING for us.